Kids club progress

Today was the last session of kids club before half term, the last 4 weeks have flown by! It has been great seeing them learn and get excited about the different crafts. We introduced them to the sewing machines and also how to felt and make a little bag.

They had to draw their initial of their name then sew as close to the line as they could, just using the needle to punch holes in the piece of paper.

They also made some felt and then hand sewed it together to make their bag. I thought the sewing machines with the needles were bad enough, but a classroom of 20 kids all with needles in their hands topped it today! and then my nightmare came, helping them sew buttons onto their bags – I hate sewing on buttons!!!


It really has been a learning curve for me and have certainly realised a lot of things:-

When one child needs the toilet, they all need to go!

Kids aren’t deaf and don’t need to be shouted at (I spend a lot of my day with elderly people!)

You have to learn how to multitask as they all want to speak to you at the same time!

You have to be strict with them and you have to tell them no occasionally (again very difficult for me as I am so used to encouraging people all the time in my day job, but sometimes it’s not appropriate all of the time with kids!)

My hysterical shriek breeds hysteria in the kids (note to self dont shriek and flap arms in the presence of kids!)

So there we are, I have survived the last 4 weeks! I have next thursday off which of course I am using by learning a new craft – knitting!! so very excited about finally learning how to click clack!! However looking forward to getting back to kids club as we will soon be doing Christmas stuff!!

Sarah x

Many thanks to Maeri for the Photos


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