Tilly Mint’s Day Out

Today I spent the day with Nic, Gary and Mike at the Rapha Supercross race in Windermere, watching Gary in the senior race for the Northwest cyclocross league. It was such a beautiful sunny day although extremely muddy!

We had great fun watching Gary race and took lots of photos. One guy did the whole race without a saddle (not sure if this was on purpose or not!)

Since the race was in Brockhole park there was a visitor centre and shop which I had to look in!! I found some lovely things and bought a Christmas present for my mum.

I also found some bits for my advent swap so will have to keep that bit secret! I also got some great ideas for future projects!

On the way home we stopped at a farm shop and tea room, had a lovely browse around and even saw the cows being milked!

I couldn’t resist taking a photo of this sign…

And so we came to come home and found the car wouldn’t start! After a comical experience of me attempting to push start the car Mike recruited a passer by to help, with me at the helm we got it started and headed on home. A lovely day was had by all. Just hope at next weekends race the weather is just as kind!

Sarah x


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