Handmade Monday 37

Another handmade Monday and another 30 day Project! This is my 4th project and something I have put off doing for sometime now so I was glad I have finally got round to making it! It is from the Cath Kidston book ‘Sew’ where you get the fabric and pattern to make a lovely handbag. One of the main reasons I had put off doing it was that involved making buttonholes. Since getting the book I have bought my new machine which has the option of doing 4 stage buttonholes, so it seemed like this project should be fairly straight forward!

The pattern pieces were already cut out, so I followed the instructions on how to join the main exterior fabric. I also decided to make a lining for the bag, and so attached this also.

In the instructions it gives details on making a rouleur loop as the fastening for the bag. However after many attempts I got a little frustrated with trying to turn out the very small bit of fabric and took the easy option of using a magnetic snap instead!

Next step was making the strap then making the buttonholes. I practiced on a spare bit of fabric first and then went for it…I think I could have done them a bit better, and I spaced them too far apart but not bad for first attempt!

So here is the finished bag…

I think the only thing I’m not happy with is the strap seems really wide. I also found the instructions in the book a little confusing and took several reads to understand the next step. I do love Cath Kidston fabric though and love how you get the little badge to sew on the front too!

Please go check out everyone elses Handmade Monday posts to see what they have been making this week.

My next and last project is the jelly roll floor cushion. I have already started this and I think I have underestimated the length of time it will take to finish. I fear I might have to extend past the limit of the 30 day challenge, but I am determined to finish it! So will keep you updated on my progress!

Sarah x


14 thoughts on “Handmade Monday 37

  1. That’s really pretty. I’m interested in the magnetic snap. I just put one on a purse and the darned thing was so strong that I had to put some sticker paper on it to weaken it. Was yours extremely strong also? I wonder if some brands are a little less overwhelming.
    Anyway, this is awesome! Good job. 🙂

  2. wow! thats a lovely bag! beautiful feminine fabric! this bag makes a statement, definitely!
    i admire your courage to make the button holes using your sewing machine, ive got mine but i never dared to do so. in the end, only practice makes perfect.
    keep up the good work x x

  3. Great job Tilly… I love the wide strap… and I know what you mean about duff instructions, have sent a stropogram to Making magazine about a dress pattern recently

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