Handmade Monday 36

Time again for another Handmade Monday! As promised last week, here is my 3rd Project of the 30 day Challenge – the T-shirt Tote. This was quite a nice quick and easy project so didn’t take long to complete! I got the idea from a Pinterest Post I saw a few weeks ago, which gave a really quick tutorial on how to convert a t-shirt into a tote bag! I had a few t-shirts lying around that I no longer wear, but still liked and couldn’t give to the charity shop,  so thought they were ideal ginnea pigs for my next project!

Very simply, lay out your t-shirt and cut off the sleeves, as close to the seam as possible. Get a dinner place and place around the neck of the t-shirt and when happy with the look, draw around and cut out. Turn Inside out and sew the bottom of the t-shirt together, I also boxed of the bottom to give more shape and voila…here it is!

It has now been renamed the chopper shopper!

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Next weeks 30 day challenge is the Cath Kidston Bag!

Sarah x


14 thoughts on “Handmade Monday 36

  1. What a clever idea – great way to keep a fav t-shirt too, even if it doesn’t quite fit any more! I have quite a few of those and now I know what I could make! Well done – brill!

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