Decisions, decisions!

After signing up for CRAFTfest and with the plan of selling some of my projects, I have come to the tricky decision on deciding where to sell – I now have my beautifully designed shop banner but just can’t decide where’s best to sell my wares! Does anyone have any recommendations? I had always thought it would be Folksy that I would choose, but having looked around, even places like Etsy seem appealing. Has anyone had any experience of other smaller Sites such as Wow Thank you and Big Cartel?

If your a seller please let me know your thoughts and if your a regular buyer from a particular site I’d love to know where you use 🙂

Sarah x


7 thoughts on “Decisions, decisions!

  1. I find Folksy the best – Etsy is based in USA and I had 2 sales on it but they were from UK customers! I found it to be too vast a marketplace.
    Personally wouldn’t touch Wow Thank You. I joined it 6 months ago, the site is poor and the lady that runs it appears unprofessional. That is just my opinion but I know the lady that runs 1st Unique Gifts has left WTY for similiar reasons.
    I have heard good reports about Big Cartel, I was thinking of joining that too so will have to look into it.
    Good Luck! xx

  2. I always prefer to buy from Folksy because I prefer to be paying in £s and know exactly how much something will cost. Good items will stand out much better on Folksy as there is sooooo much stuff on Etsy!! Most of the people I have bought from have had shops on Etsy and Folksy, obv if you want to be selling to the US then Etsy would be best.

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