Tilly Mint’s Book Club #2

So September’s book club offering is ‘The Bag Making Bible’ by Lisa Lam. I have been a fan of Lisa and her website U-Handbag ever since I first got into sewing, so I was very keen to read her book. It definitely didn’t disappoint! It is a fantastic resource giving details of tools to use and different techniques to create beautiful bags. All patterns are included with the book and she gives clear step by step instructions, reinforced by close up photos.

This is a comprehensive sewing book which I am sure you would return to time again. Great for first time sewers and those who are not afraid of the sewing machine, the projects progress in complexity, until you are making a bag which is all singing all dancing with all the trimmings!

One little extra touch I like is on the back cover there is a glossary of terms which can flap over to the page you are reading – she really has thought of everything to make bag making straightforward!

Go out and buy this book, you won’t be disappointed!

Sarah x


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