Handmade Monday 33

Where has this week gone?! Handmade Monday has come around again! I have started quite a few projects this week – I bought some fabric earlier in the week, to make a pillowcase dress for the dressing a girl around the world charity. With the left over fabric I have decided to make a sling bag and using some left over fleece interfacing from the Molly handbag, pad it out a little. I also hope to make some bunting from it too, all from 1.5m of fabric!! I love making the most out of a piece of material!

I have actually completed one ongoing project this week – 2 sets of bunting which I am hoping will be part of my launch of items to sell on Folksy. They are in shades of baby pink, perfect for a little girls bedroom. I think I have gone bunting crazy – I love making it as it so easy to do! However, other than the bunting I have been quite lax this week and havent had much time to sew. Yet again too many projects on the go! I really hope that this coming week I will be able to finish the molly handbag and hopefully the pillowcase dress. The handbag is almost finished – I was about to put the lining into the bag and I ran out of cotton. Lesson learnt – always have enough thread in the house!! Plus I really must start making my iccle sheeps for join the flock!

So although not a momentous week sewing and finishing projects, I have had a fabulous weekend spent celebrating my hubby’s 30th birthday at West Usk lighthouse! Such a romantic and unusual place!

Check out Wendy’s blog to see what everyone else has been up to for handmade monday!

Sarah x


10 thoughts on “Handmade Monday 33

  1. your bunting is great as always darl. I have weeks like yours where its dificult to get any crafting done as we all do i am sure.
    But what a great excuse eh?
    Tell Hubby happy birthday from me. xxx

  2. Iv’e been making dresses for the African dress a child appeal too. Making them from my unworn ones. Managed to get the first 3 from one of my dresses with only a few scraps of material left. I love getting the most out of what I can. For me thats all part of the fun. Hope to see your dress when its ready. hugs Mrs A.

  3. I rarely through any of my scraps away, I’m convinced they will come in useful. Recently I’ve been making flower brooches and stick a tiny fabric circle to the back – one more piece used!

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