Houston, we have lift off!

Pattern Pieces

For Handmade Monday #32 I thought I would tell you how I got on with starting the Molly Handbag pattern by Reba Collins.

I had decided on using a contrast fabric for just the ruffle part of the bag (the spotty fabric), with the bold flower fabric for the main body, top band and strap. I then used the rest of the spotty fabric for the lining. I printed out the pattern pieces and using Reba’s instructions cut out my pattern pieces, saving on time and fabric by double folding the fabric.

I then ironed on the fleece interfacing and the woven interlining, this was a new experience for me as I have never used either of these, but oh how I loved how they change the feel of the fabric! I have already thought of other projects to try which uses them!

Attaching main body to top band

The next step was to make the ruffle and attach to the top band. By machine basting I could then use the threads to pull the fabric into a ruffle. Using lots of pins I then attached the main body to the top band, shaping it to fit the curved shape.

Slowly the bag was coming together and I was really pleased on my fabric choices. The pattern was also so easy to follow – Reba has written it so well, with pictures and notes to supplement and help with the tricky bits.

I now had the exterior completed and just had to trim the corners to give the bag a flat bottom. This posed the greatest challenge so far, trying to match the bottom and side seams was quite tricky!

Completed exterior

However it all seemed to work out, turned it ride sides out and here it is! My next step is to join the lining pieces and add the strap. I hope to get the rest of the bag finished soon so will blog how I get on!

Register for Reba’s weekly recap and get the Molly Handbag Pattern for free. Also check out Handmade Monday and see what everyone else has been up to!

Sarah x


16 thoughts on “Houston, we have lift off!

  1. it’s looking lovely! Love the fabric choice, and I’ve not used that particular fleece interfacing but I love how wadding or fleece makes a fabric squishy! x

  2. Wow, love the bag and the fabric. Am looking forward to making a bag as part of my Day Zero project list, but first need a sewing machine & get my mum to teach me how to use it! Could be some time.

  3. Great post for different reasons. You’re doing a fantastic job on the bag, I think you’ll have a few requests when you show off the finished item, thanks for the link to Reba Collins blog looks good and I’ve already downloaded my pattern. Can I ask you where did you get your fusible fleece interfacing from? Now I’m off to peruse the rest of your lovely blog

  4. Thank you to everyone who has posted such lovley comments, makes me so happy to know people are following my progress!

    Thanks again to Wendy for hosting another fabulous Handmade Monday, I love checking out what everyone has been up to!

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