Up, Up and away!

Ok, I know this really isn’t anything to do with sewing, but I think it shows the free spirit side of me which kinda links with my love of sewing and the freedom it gives me, plus I am always up for giving anything a go! I hear you ask what on earth is she prattling on about?! Well on Friday, My Dad and I went to Derbyshire Gliding club to have a trial lesson in a glider. I was a little nervous at the thought of ‘free flight’ and also I get quite travel sick, so wasn’t looking forward how it might make me feel! My Dad was in the air for 23 minutes and for most of that was flying the glider himself, with the instructor giving the odd instructions. I on the other hand only managed 8 minutes before my stomach couldn’t handle much more! I didn’t have the chance to fly the glider as the thought of me in control of something that high up in the air, combined with my lack of co-ordination slightly scared me! I didn’t realise how shaky I was until I got out of the glider and couldn’t operate my legs! Looking back on it though it was a great experience. Dad is considering membership to the club to continue learning to fly, I on the other hand might need a bit more persuading!

One of the highlights of the day was a fly past for the club from the Red arrows, quite a poignant moment as they flew over in formation, sadly only 8 of them present.

Here’s a video of the rather rapid take off – took both me and Dad by suprise!

Would love to know if any of you have given gliding a go and what you thought of it?

Sarah x


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