Tilly Mint’s Book Club #1

Whilst away in Yorkshire for a long bank holiday weekend, I have brought with me some of my sewing books that I have had given to me as presents but never had the chance to read in detail. It gave me the idea to share with you, on a monthly basis, books I feel may interest you. So here we are with August’s review – 3 books all quite closely related in content.

The first one is Simplicity’s ‘How to use a sewing machine’ by Marie Clayton. This is definitely a great present for someone who is new to sewing. It gives a great overview of choosing a sewing machine, the different parts to the machine and it also discusses sergers and how to use them. It gives details on how to do seams, hems, pleats, tucks and different bindings/trimmings. It also has a very brief section on embroidery and patchwork. At 144 pages it gives enough detail for those starting out and needing basic info. I would definitely recommend it and would be good for those of you running workshops/classes to have as a reference book or to recommend to your customers.

The next book is ‘The Sewing Book’ by Alison Smith, published by Dorling Kindersley. It is a great lead on from the how to use your sewing machine book, as it goes into a lot more detail. It really is a reference book that you can dip in and out of. It covers all the techniques you could ever think you might need to use, including those relating to dressmaking and soft furnishings. It has a section at the back which gives projects using many different techniques. Another great buy for any level of sewer!

The last book is ‘The dressmaker’s technique bible’ by Lorna Knight. I have to say I was a little disappointed with this book, only because the content is very similar to that in ‘The Sewing Book’. It gives you info on selecting and reading patterns, working out your size and adapting patterns as well as all the techniques you could ever think you would need for dressmaking. Again a great reference book to help when deciphering instructions on patterns.

I guess you could argue that the topics covered in all books could be found on the Internet. I often feel quite overwhelmed when looking things up on the web and I feel it’s much easier to have a book in front of you than a computer screen when trying out new techniques etc. Plus with the age of Kindles etc we should really try and keep the spirit if good old fashioned books alive! I am definitely a book hoarder and there’s nothing like the smell of a new book!

Sarah x


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