The anteater and the koala bear

After enjoying sharing my Handmade Monday with you last week, I couldn’t wait for Handmade Monday #31 to come around!

Although not strictly crafting I thought I would let you know about my latest course – cake decorating. I have just finished a 5 week course run by Rizpah Conlon. She has been a great tutor and I have learnt so many good techniques that I will hopefully use again. I was brave enough to bake and decorate my own wedding cake but wished I had known a little more to make it look that little bit more special. So now anyone that gets a birthday cake will have crimping, flowers, embossing and weird shaped models all on the same cake!

One of my favourite bits was making some models, supposedly and elephant and a teddy bear however my mum kindly pointed out they looked more like an anteater and a koala bear! But still at least I now know the basics of how to do them!


My next course is back at The Make and Do Studio where I will be click clacking with some knitting needles. Needless(!) to say I will let you know how I get on!

Please call by Wendy’s Handmade Monday blog to see what everyone else has been up to this week!

Sarah x


5 thoughts on “The anteater and the koala bear

  1. Love your little animals, and you know the saying: practice makes perfect (but they are adorable anyway!). Your post has just underlined for me what a small world we live in: I know Rizpah, whose course you did and I also know Mairie, who runs the Make and Do Studio. Both fabulous people, who really know their stuff. I know you’re local to me, but what are the chances, huh?

    Glad you enjoyed Handmade Monday and have come back for more! x

    • Oh my, yes what a small world! I do remember you from the web 101 that my husband presented :o)

      Thank you again for introducing me to handmade Monday – I love catching up and seeing what everyone else has been up to in the week!

  2. I love your anteater… he looks far too good to be eaten… Cannot wait to see your creations as they progress… and obviously if you need a taster, I could be persuaded!

  3. I was the same with cardmaking – I only started to make my wedding stationery, and now I look back and wish I was making it these years later with everything I know now. Still it was impressive even back then.

    I’d love to be able to decorate cakes, jealous that you were able to have a go at all the techniques and learn something new to use in the future.

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