Blindingly Good

About a month ago I went to a course at the Make and Do studio where I learnt how to make a roman blind. It was so easy I couldn’t wait to choose some fabric and get sewing! I popped to Abakhans and got some great scotty dog fabric and I ordered all the other bits I needed online from Merrick and Day. Here’s how I got on!

I followed the instructions given to us by Anne of Sophie’s Soft Furnishings. They were so simple it didn’t take long before it was taking shape.

The main thing I found difficult was coping with all the fabric! I added the blind tape and it was almost finished!

I had a few mishaps along the way, nothing that a seam ripper couldn’t sort though! So here’s the finished result!

There are definitely lots of things I learnt along the way. In the course we used normal lining for the blind, however I decided to use black out lining this time. Due to the way the blind is made, the edging is only in the main fabric and so this part lets the light in. Also when using the black out lining it was difficult to determine which sides were right and wrong! After a bit of searching on the web I found that the ‘rubbery’ side was the wrong side. Where the sewing machine pierces the black out fabric when sewing it leaves tiny holes, therefore letting light in! I have read you can buy a pen to fill the holes in so will have to invest in one!

I have a bit of left over fabric and can feel another project coming on…!

Sarah x


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