Leather bags at Unit Twelve Gallery

So I have been to my final workshop at Unit Twelve. This time it was some sewing in the form of leather bags. The workshop was taught by the super talented Gosia Weber, her bags are stunning!

We started off by choosing our leather pieces. For someone who is extremely indecisive, this was a long long process! After much deliberation, I decided on 4 different colours that I hoped would complement each other.
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Crochet Update

Get the fanfares ready…my first crochet project is finished! The blanket I started back in July is now the right size and shape for all the ends to be woven in. I have decided that I’m not going to edge it and just leave it as plain stripes, for now at least. There’s 2 reasons for this. One being that I have a few projects I need to start as they are going to be Christmas gifts, and the second is that if I’m honest I’m a bit sick of looking at the blanket! Continue reading

Fabric Pin Board Tutorial

It’s been a while since I posted a tutorial, so thought I’d give you something straightforward but really effective to make. I mentioned in my last post about having so much fabric that I love and save for the perfect project. A lot of the time is that I just like looking at it! This project is perfect for those bits of fabric that you love and can’t bare to part with. Continue reading


A quick post whilst I’m sunning myself in Brittany in France! As you might have noticed, my sewing has kind of slipped by the wayside. For no other reason other than I have been lucky to live in a part of the UK that has had glorious sunshine for the past few weeks, hence it seems a shame to be indoors sewing.

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Garden redesign

Although strictly not handmade, this post still is about me using my creative skills, so I hope you’ll bare with me! We have lived in our house for 6 years now and I’ve never really felt happy with the garden. As we live in a terrace house, it’s more of a yard really, unfortunately with no grass and just concrete. I’ve tried various different things to try and pretty it up, but it’s never felt somewhere where we’ve been able to relax and enjoy the sunshine. So in April I started a 6 week garden design course, taught by Katherine and Cynthia from Fat Grass Garden Designs. We covered things such as drawing a scale drawing of our garden, planning our design and picking suitable plants. It was a fantastic opportunity to use the skills we had been taught to come up with a design that was right for the space and practical for what we needed. I went through several draft designs before deciding on the final design.

I wanted a space that would give us an area to sit in and relax, but still allow my hubby to wash his bikes. With being such a small area, I also wanted to screen the wheelie bins so we weren’t looking at them when having a nice summer evening meal!

So this is what the garden looked like before (complete with dead Christmas tree!)


And this is what it looks like now


I made the raised beds using gravel boards, normally used for fencing. The screening I already had and just reused to better effect. The bench was bought from Wickes. The plants are mainly ones that I had already, so maybe not quite as cohesive as Katherine and Cynthia would have suggested. However I love how the garden looks and delighted that it is still functional for what we need. I love the bench, a place to sit and contemplate. I also added a few fairy lights to brighten up the space as the sun goes down.

I thoroughly enjoyed designing the space, problem solving and getting my hands dirty. We’ve been lucky to have some beautiful days to sit out in the garden and appreciate all my hard work, hopefully they’ll be many more to come!

Sarah x

Tea and Tents 2014

At the end of June I joined 270 other women in a field for the very first WI camping weekend. The idea of the weekend was to bring like minded women together to camp, have fun and do a bit of crafting. My friend Karen had never been camping before, so I took along all my camping gear and Karen brought the fairy lights and bunting (essential for a weekends camping!)
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Jewellery Making

On a recent summer evening I swapped my tutor hat for my learning hat as I attended one of The Make and Do Studio’s open craft nights. It was a workshop on making beaded wire work jewellery, taught by the lovely Marie from Redstones Jewellery. We had the chance to make 3 beautiful rings and got to choose from the most gorgeous sparkly Swarovski crystals. The first one we made was just from wire, to get us used to working with the wire. The second one was working with the crystals. The last one was a chance to play with the all the techniques we’d learnt in the evening.


Marie was such a fantastic tutor and so patient. I can’t wait to wear my rings on holiday and see the crystals sparkle in the sunshine!

Sarah x